Located in the Church Basement

New Children

A form must be filled out by their parent/guardian that will provide contact information and any special needs/allergies for the child.  (NOTE: this information is only for our nursery staff.  We value your privacy and will not disclose this information with anyone)


Parents/Guardians may check their child in by filling out the weekly form located on the counter in the nursery with child's name and a parent/guardian name.  The number that is listed on the form next to the child's name will correlate with a number tag to place on the child's personal belongings.  A pager with the same number on it will be given out to take with you to the service. 


The parent/guardian will return the pager and sign the form that was filled out at check-in.  The child will only be released to the parent/guardian that checked the child in (unless the parent/guardian notified nursery staff of permission to release to another person)

Please contact Jenn Navis for more info:
Also on the Nursery Committee: Brittany Schroeder; Danita Tratar

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